Best Masks For Scuba diving

Are you looking for the best scuba masks for scuba diving? Do want the latest yet best scuba masks? Well you are reading the right article. Even though scuba diving products have flooded the market, once you are done reading this article you will be able to pick the best. A more detailed review of the best dive masks can be found here.

The key features considered for a mask to make it in the list were comfort and durability.

Tusa M1001 Freedom HD Scuba Mask

The size of the lens alone should be able to lure to spend for this scuba diving mask. Although the scuba mask is single lens in design the size is large enough. Again, the buckles can move around 180 degrees and very strong which is great for quality and durability. If you are wondering about the view, you will surely enjoying using the high quality lens and also the cool design of these mask. The large nose pocket rounds make the design very great and this product is wallet-friendly. More info here

Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Dive Mask

This mask is cost effective yet very good in quality. The 3 lens design is created from tempered glass and plays a great role in increasing the life span of the scuba mask. Again, the style (panoramic) is a good design which provides a good peripheral vision. The mask has a buckle that makes it easy to use the mask. Get it here

Atomic Aquatics Framless Dive Mask

This is a pro-gear and you will be getting the best for your money. This scuba mask has an appealing frame-less design that creates a wide field of view. The low volume mask is simply awesome for free diving and the edging is worth the investment. Another great thing about this mask is the sleek design that reduces drag and fits very well. Buy it here

Oceanic Mako Dive Mask

This is a recent model that is absolutely great in the department of looks. If you want a solid scuba mask that has low volume design without compromise in the field of view, this is what you are looking for. Strong tempered glass lens and a very soft skirts. The mask has great features like a nice strap cover and a hard shell protective case. Available here

ScubaPro Solo Scuba Diving Mask

ScubaPro did not fail on this one. Extremely good and has a great silicone fitting skirt thus you will not regret once you are under the sea This is a great single lens mask that is durable and very strong. This would not have been a complete guide without this mask that is very good in both looks and features that improve the functionalities greatly. Available to buy here

For those who are more interested in more details, Scuba compare has a more detailed review on their website. I provided the link above. Important information to note about the lens, there are 3 types of lenses namely: single lens, double lens and multipurpose lens. The double lens increases the field of view whilst the multipurpose lens improves the peripheral vision. Nevertheless, there is more to look out for in masks for scuba diving for worthy decisions. There you go above are the best masks for scuba diving and you will regret not getting one right now.